Weekly Round Up – Week 17

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up – Week 17”

  1. One thing is, for sure, true, as of now, that India is going through transformation in banking & economy, social & physical infrastructure, digitization & 5G & AI along with a huge churn in the democracy itself ,as evidenced by day by day increasing activism of the Honorable Judiciary of India in diverse matters ranging from constitutional review to directing financial sector regulator to reviewing its own judgement by the honorable SC of Rafael deal and defining new standards regarding the Evidence Act. So we ,the people of India, need not panic and criticize any judgements of various institutions , and then concluding that what will happen to our country. We can (& we must) ,no doubt, analyse it with open and flexible mind. We have witnessed just about 70 years of formal democratization and we are still evolving and we have already built up potential in institutions like ISRO, DRDO, CCMB, IITs and IIMs.
    Jai Hind.

    1. Absolutely! Well articulated. We, as citizens, need to look at the current phase with a positive frame of mind. Challenges are still huge but there are sufficient reason to believe we are broadly on right path..

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